Love food? Here’s how to eat more and even dress better..

Munchies level: Fashion.

Since McDonald’s called for Moschino and Farfalle for Dolce & Gabbana, there isn’t much to imagine about what fashion has come to. Though an unlikely match, hunger for style has a fixation with edibles. It’s just a matter of taste now, isn’t it? So let’s eat more and dress better? Food preparations that’ll up your style vanity!


Do it like the New Yorkers do.


When the clock strikes ‘American chopseuy’- whether uptown or downtown, turn up your outfit with pasta and beef. All you street-style peacocks, the New Yorker style secret isn’t privy to experiments too. As opposed to the Americans, if you fancy an Indian twist- throw in some crispy noodles, vegetables of choice and yet truck along the cobbles with native New York fashion.


D&G ear lobes are au courant right now.


Your appetite in the stomach should saunter down to style- take a quick trip to the fashion supermarket and invest in a foodie moment. Kick start your diet with the Italian way of ‘dressing’, and trust your family and every member alike, to relish the preparation like no other. Talk about seasoning!


Cuddle up to chikan embroidery.


Indian delicacies, Indian handicrafts! Boasting of prime ingredients of rice and spice, Biryani’s fashion cousin, chikankari will prove vital to your fashion look. After all, you need one focal point to every outfit, don’t you (just like the masala in biryani)? Exuding grace and elegance, while you’re gorging on the epitome of Indian preparations, don’t forget to nuzzle up to the richness of handicrafts.


Then go green by switching to organic fabrics.


Fancying freshness and a detox day? Invest in organic fabrics ’cause that’s the only way. Sans preservatives and artificial techniques, your clean eating habits represent ‘green and sustainable fashion’. To keeping chemicals away from the body!

Happier days ahead?



Getty Images, Miss Malini, Just Jared, Bytplus, Honestlywtf, Dooney’s Kitchen, Our Food Factory, Indidelights