The egg beauty blender? Here’s the weirdest beauty trend we’ve seen this week

Let’s just egg-nore this trend, shall we?

Beauty addicts – we all know that the Beauty Blender is the make-up tool to use for that flawless finish to your foundation. It can help you get into all those tiny cervices, yet buff out the flat surfaces just as well. It’s a one-product make-up machine, so what can get better from here? Well, the internet thinks the Egg Beauty Blender may just replace our favourite little tool.



The Egg Beauty Blender first appeared as a dupe for the Evie Blender, a blending tool inspired by the Silisponge. The Silisponge is, of course, the ever-popular dupe for the original Beauty Blender, but made of silicone so it doesn’t soak up your valuable foundation.



Nadi from PopLuxe is the first YouTuber to have discovered the dupe. Though he noted that the egg did blend his base pretty perfectly (and that the cold texture felt quite refreshing against his skin), by the time he completed his make-up, the egg began to crumble leaving bits of it – and its awful scent – behind on his face. Talk about gross!



And then, the internet did its thing! Now there are YouTubers and Instagram beauty bloggers all over the world blending out their foundation with hard-boiled eggs. What a time to be alive…

We aren’t completely sold on the idea, but the results do get us a little bit… Egg-cited. 😉 Okay, we’ll stop with the terrible puns now and let you decide! To egg or not to egg?




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