Estée Lauder’s New Launch Is Your Answer To Looking Sun-Kissed All Day Everyday

Who doesn’t want to look like a bronze Goddess all the time, am I right? Today, with a little bit of bronzer and highlight in the right places, you can go from being that pasty princess to looking like you’ve gotten a nice sun-kissed glow, just by sitting at home. To me, that’s an ideal situation.

Which brings us to Estée Lauder’s new Bronze Goddess collection. Like the name suggests, it gives you the tools to transform yourself into that toasty diva you’ve always wanted to be.

Makeup artist, Devanshi Kapadia tried their Illuminating Powder Gelee on me, which is possibly the most gorgeous highlight you’ll ever see. We also added on their powder bronzer, the easiest kind of contour you can imagine and a lipstick called Sun Glow. The result looked something like this, press play:

So if you haven’t had time to take that beachy holiday this year, the collection starts at Rs 1,900 and is available in stores – so you can create that tropical glow all day, everyday; no holiday needed!

Images + video: Rishabh Maliwar