Event – Trinity ’14, Dj Sanghvi College Fest

Ah! The days of campus fun! We love going back to college, especially college fest. The sense of excitement, the buzz and the abundance of talent all make for a great day.



StyleCracker spent Friday at Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering’s college fest – Trinity 2014, and what a day it was! Judging the dance show with Longines, the choreographer for Jai Ho, Slumdog Millionaire, choreographer Sunil Saley, actor Parvin Dabas and Mangesh Mondal and the ever so entertaining Dolly Bindra was an absolute delight with each group showcasing high levels of talent. The students from numerous colleges performed to a variety of music in perfect synch, making it evident that they had spent hours practising and perfecting their moves. Costumes took the performances up another notch with most veering towards neons and glow colours.

The winners of the dance competition were Shah and Anchor College, K.E.M came in second and DJ Sanghvi in third place.



The next event, the fashion show, held a special place in our hearts. The students upped the ante when it came to executing their concepts and designs. Some of the themes that really stood out for us included Krishna’s Garden, the war of the magicians, in the deep dark wood, an Egyptian tale and futuristic fashion. Of course, Bollywood was a strong influence, with one team showcasing a collection inspired by Gangs of Wasseypur. Judged by a panel of five judges including SC Stylist Bhoomika Chouhan, designer Khushi Shah, model Mickey Modi and Jeet Sharma.

JJ College came in first with SNDT and Artharva College following.


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