Every Girl’s Makeup Bag Raided!

Text: Aditi Shah

This one is for all the beauty addicts that believe the key to a well-equipped makeup bag is EVERYTHING. Let’s face it, more often than not our makeup bags are filled to the brim, bursting at the seams with products, old and new, just in case, what if, we may need that 5-year old (brand new) green eye shadow, on-the-go, tonight. Chances are, you won’t. It’s time to turn those bags over and let us help you do some monsoon cleaning.

Step one: If you’ve used the same bag for over 3 years, you need to swap it for something waterproof and easy to wipe down. Stains from a leakage or the guck from your eyeliner pencil are almost impossible to get rid of!

Step two: Smell everything. We tend to horde. We horde for years. Who wants to chuck that great bronzer you’ve used only once, and have been saving up because it was so darn expensive? Like it or not, everything has a lifespan and has sadly got to go. So, smell it all, the powders, palettes, creams, sticks – if they smell off, chuck it. Simple.

Step three: You don’t need all your makeup products, round the clock. Let us tell you what’s essential for your daily makeup bag. Everything else can be left at home.



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