Everything You Need To Buy From Rheson Right Now!

If we had to ask you who the most stylish celebrity in the country is, the answer would be unanimous. Sonam Kapoor is hands down the most well-dressed of the lot and she’s held on to that Most-Stylish crown for longer than anyone remembers. Of course she doesn’t do it alone. It takes an army to get anyone to look that good and Sonam’s glam squad is helmed by her sister Rhea Kapoor.

So if one day they launch a label of ready-to-wear clothing, at high-street prices we’d be fools not to get at least a few pieces, if not the whole collection.

And that’s exactly what we did. Rheson is exclusively available at Shopper’s Stop (and some on their website too) and we picked out our favourites from the ’90s inspired label; so it’s super easy for you, when you’re actually buying the pieces for yourself.

On Fire Denim Jacket (Rs 1,999)

Rectangle Flap Tote (Rs 2,299)

Mogra Palazzo Sari (Rs 3,299)

The Dave Dress (Rs 1,699)

Raw Crop Shirt (Rs 1,299)

Stationery Shirt Dress (Rs 1,699)

Small Bucket Tassel Sling (Rs 1,799)

P.S. They have new pieces launching every few weeks, so make sure you keep an eye on their Instagram pages for updates!