Exercises to do while sitting in the chair

You seem to be working indefinite hours and can’t seem to find time to take care of your health. Many a times, you think of hitting the after work; but of course you are so drained all the slogging you do in office, that you end up crashing on your bed. Fret not! we have exercises for you that you can do while at work.



The most basic form of exercise is stretching.  Stretching also helps in relaxing your body. Stretch the muscles in your left arm by reaching as far to the right as you can with your left arm while supporting it in the crook of your right elbow and then hold it there; hold it for five seconds before repeating it with your right arm.

Ankle Rotations



To strengthen the flexibility of your ankles and to reduce the risk of sprains, rotate your ankles five times clockwise and five times anti-clockwise. Repeat in the other foot – do eight reps for each foot.

Butt Clenches

but1None of your colleagues will be able to tell, when you will be exercising your butt. You exercise your tush on that seat for eight hours a day, you need to give them some exercise. Clench your butt and hold it for ten seconds. Feel free to repeat as many times you wish to.

Calf Toning


While being seated stretch your left leg up and hold it for ten seconds till you feel the stretch in your calves. Repeat the process with your right leg. Do eight reps to achieve best results.

Spinal Stretch


To increase the flexibility and to strengthen your black muscles, place one hand on the desk and hold the back of the chair with your other hand and twist towards, that you face the back. Hold for ten seconds and repeat on the other side.

Go ahead, kick start this routine once the new week starts. Stay fit and look fresh.