Expert Speak: Lisa Haydon

Supermodel, actor and beauty maverick, Lisa Haydon started out mixing up batches of her home made beauty elixirs for her friends. Word of this new organic range spread quickly in the fashion industry and the underground beauty label soon climbed the rungs to be the label to know! We caught up with the creator to give you an inside look at her brand Naked and what actually goes into an organic product.

1.Can you tell us a little bit about the idea behind your brand Naked?

The idea came to me about three years ago. I had come back from a beach holiday and wanted to replicate the feeling of swimming in the salty ocean. Salt is widely known as an aura cleanser. I wanted to develop a bathing ritual that was as close to nature as possible. I thought—if there were no such thing as packaged soaps and I was near the beach in a world with less options, how would I bathe? I would probably exfoliate with the ocean bed sand and rinse in ocean water or in a fresh water lake. So, I bought some organic salt, mixed in almond oil and threw in a few drops of essential oils that I had lying around my house and thus began the process of developing the bath scrubs. My whole philosophy with Naked organics is to focus on replenishing as opposed to stripping. Bathing with salt does just that. Many soaps dehydrate/strip in order to cleanse, regardless of how ‘gentle’ they are. Salt is a natural cleanser. And when mixed with all the amazing organic oils, it moisturises while your skin is at it’s softest (when damp/wet), allowing all the oils to emulsify and absorb easily into your skin. The product range grew slowly and intuitively. Although, it was only recently that I packaged everything and went through the process of making it sellable.

2.What are the most common ingredients one would find in your products?

Organic honey, organic cold pressed oils like rosehip, avocado and almond, and aloe vera.

3.Why should one choose organic products over regular skin care?

Less is more always. I wouldn’t want to put more on my skin than is absolutely necessary. You will only ever find the bare minimum in Naked products. Three to four ingredients, without compromising on results. Organic/ preservative free beauty is always best kept in the fridge. But I would rather use something authentic than something that sits on the shelf longer.

4.Must have products from Naked?

The Apricot Honey Fudge face pack is divine. Natural ingredients take longer to activate so sometimes I leave this face pack on for up to two hours. Its smells amazing. I highly recommend the bath salt scrubs as well for their cleansing and holistic benefits. The salt scrubs are my everyday go to, as well as the Potion Lotion, which is a face moisturiser that I indulgently use on my body as well—it’s made from rose hip and avocado oil.  But it is so non-greasy due to its high aloe vera content.

5.Your skin care routine?

A salty bath, followed by moisturising. I remove my make up with almond oil and try and use as little soap as possible. The less you dehydrate or strip your skin, the more youthful it looks… So I wash with lots of water and only soap my face when absolutely necessary.

6.What’s an instant pick-me-up for skin this summer?

Again, the Apricot Honey Fudge face pack is loaded with honey and aloe vera. It moisturises and plumps up your skin without leaving it heavy or greasy. It’s a total face lift and because you must store it in the fridge, it’s cold when you put it on, closing your pores and all in all refining your skin.

Available at: or email  [email protected] for orders.

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