Expert Speak: Elton Fernandez

Make-up artist extraordinaire, Elton is a familiar face at fashion shoots and a favourite with celebrities. We got him to reveal his summer make-up secrets just for you!

How can you achieve a flawless complexion without layering on foundation?

Use a BB cream all over face—you will have sun protection and basic coverage all at once. Also use a creamy concealer wherever you have blemishes or marks to cover. Set it with a translucent powder.

Summer is all about showing off your legs. Are there any make-up tricks to make legs look toned or hide scars?

Stop depending on cosmetic tricks to do what only working out can fully achieve! Put some effort into it and work those squats and lunges! (For scars) Use just a lush cream mixed with a lil bronzer all over your legs.

What’s the best hair look for the season?

Healthy hair is always the best hair look any season! Condition, condition, condition!! I personally loathe the ‘Bollywood Blowout’, I like texture and dirt because that’s what the best things in life are about!

The five essential products for summer:

1. Moisturiser/BB cream: Skin must be hydrated in dry harsh weather!

2. Lip balm: To soothe chapped lips and allow for more kisses!

3. Cheek stain: To create that fruit-like face that’s blushing from the inside.

4. Mascara: For open, alert, all season eyes!

5. Dry shampoo:  To make hair feel clean and style-able over and over again!