Keeping with the minimalistic theme of the week, StyleCracker met up with Celina Rajamanickam, Senior make-up artist at Jean Claude Biguine Salon and Spa. Here are the most important things you need to know while creating the minimalistic look.


1. How can one create the perfect Minimalistic look in minutes?Minimalistic makeup means creating a flawless canvas and yet looking natural. The idea is to look attractive and yet not excessive. It’s a way to highlight the natural beauty of your skin and flaunt your best features.

Here is a quick method to achieve the perfect day-to-day look:

Step 1:  Start by cleansing and generously moisturizing your face. It is important to use products based on your skin type.

Step 2:  Buff a liquid foundation mixed with a face illuminiser for a dewy result all over your face and neck.   Using your fingers, blend it well all over. It is equally important to match the foundation to your skin tone. Foundation can also be replaced by a tinted moisturizer if you have a less than even skin tone which can also give you a more natural finish. It is okay for skin texture to shine through. Remember, the focus is to look natural – not cakey!

Step 3:  Apply a cream based blush on the apple of your cheek.  Use rosy or soft peachy or soft brown tones. Pick the color up with your thumb and index finger, smudge it between them and softly dab it on the apple of your cheek and blend well till it diffuses into your skin.  The cheeks can also be left nude as minimalism style truly means ‘Less is more’.

Step 4:  Keep the eyes simple and just add mascara. The lips should be kept neutral.

With these 4 steps not only will you look great but your skin will feel good too.


SC Tip:

Use a basic 30Spf everyday as a base right after moisturizing your skin, this keeps your skin protected from stress, sunlight and pollution. People with oily skin can skip the moisturizer.


2. How can one get day and night minimalistic looks?

Makeup during the day is usually light and so using soft tones and natural fleshy colors is a good idea. Highlight your cheeks enough to give them a dewy look.

As for the nighttime, a flawless base is what you should start with. Emphasize one and only one aspect while keeping the rest of the face nude.

1. Use a liner with nude lips.


2. Bronzed cheekbones with nude lips and voluminous lashes.

Keep it to a sing highlight to achieve the perfect minimalist look.



3. What are the best products for the Indian skin and weather to create a minimalistic look?
Most of us are blessed with wheatish complexions for which bronzers and highlighters work really well. These products can be used well as the sun light is always at our advantage. Highly pigmented lip and cheek colors will stay put through the hours and withstand humidity and sweat. Waterproof liners and mascaras are definitely a must to survive the effects of high mercury levels in our country! As for the face, a long-stay liquid foundation or compact is the best option.

4. Could you share a make-up tip that can help women get the look quickly?

1. Red lipstick – Keep a clean base and just add color to the lips. The right tone and texture which suits your skin is very important! Cool toned skins should wear a red lipstick with slightly bluish tints.  Warm toned skin tones look good with orangey reds.

2. Bold winged eyeliner – Highlight only your eyes. Liner on the lid and a hint of soft color on the cheek will do just the trick to give you the most perfect minimalistic look in no time.


5. In your opinion, which three celebrities can carry the minimalistic look really well?

In Hollywood it has to be Katie Holmes, Jessica Biel and Megan Fox, here at home it is Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone and Shraddha Kapoor.


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