Experts Speak: Samreedhi Goel

Nutritionist, personal trainer and fitness columnist, there’s no one better than Samreedhi Goel to advice you on healthy eating habits this summer. Here is her guide to eating right and keeping those pounds off!


Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water or liquids like coconut water, nimbu paani or even chaas – salted buttermilk to maintain your fluid balance.

Eat smaller meals, more frequently: Eating large heavy meals can cause acidity and indigestion, so have smaller portions and eat more frequently—within 2-3 hours. This will help keep your metabolism high!

Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables: Soaring temperatures tend to kill your appetite so it’s a good idea to include fruits and salads as snacks between meals. Eating seasonal fruits ensure you get the right nutrients without too many calories. While many people don’t enjoy vegetables served hot in summers, making an interesting salad with a yogurt dressing or just honey and lime juice will ensure your fiber intake.


Eat greasy and spicy food: Eating oily and spicy food when the heat is high can play havoc with your digestive system. Keep your food choices light and choose less spicy foods so that you can digest better and feel lighter.

Consume food that is not fresh: Heat and humidity encourage the growth of bacteria especially if food is not stored at the right temperature or simply stored for too long. Try to eat food that is freshly prepared. See that hot food is eaten hot and cold food is had cold—neither should be at room temperature as that is the temperature at which bacteria thrive and cause food poisoning.