Facials You Need For Summer

The summers have stripped our skin off of its essential oils and to cure we have used suitable products, eaten healthy and undergone treatments that would help replenish our skin with the needed moisture. Having said that, with the stifling season of humdity, the skin needs to be treated differently; to help withhold its glow – without looking greasy.

“The face tends to get sweaty and oily; but, today we have the comfort of air conditioners – in the car, at home or in office – that take away the moisture from the skin even in this heat.” Comments Sadhana Naik, skin expert at Lakmé Absolute Salon. She goes on to add, “and if you have dry skin your face would still be in need of moisture, regardless of the weather conditions.”  To counteract this problem she suggests the use a combination of products that would help maintain a healthy glow.

“Every skin type is different”, hence it would need to be treated differently with a combination machines like micro derma brasion – to make the skin supple – and  radio frequency – for sagging skin – mixed  with  hydrating oils, exfoliators and masques, “oily to combination skin needs stronger exfoliators and cleansers with a combination of mud mask that would remove excess oils.” As for dry skin, “you would be in need of hydrating serums and moisturizing masques.” This being taken into consideration, she also warns us of too much exfoliation leading to flaky skin or excessive hydration which would result in oily skin.

Hence, she suggests customized facials, wherein, “according to the skin type, we would use stronger exfoliants for oily skin with milder hydrating serums and for dry skin milder cleansers with moisturing serums to restore the glow.”

She warns us of sensitive skin which has been exposed too much to the sun and skin that is too thin, and results in the surfacing of veins, “Clients with this kind of skin have dehydration as the major issue. For them we do not use any harsh exfoliants, instead we use moisturing oils and serums to keep the skin healthy.”

For acne-prone skin or for teenagers, she suggests just a simple clean-up, “For comedones – skin prone to acne or blackheads – we do not use any machines. We suggest a light and regular clean up.”

Here we have treatments for different skin types, so fear not the heat as we have given you the best solution to keep that skin looking soft and supple.