FancyPants at The StyleCracker Pod

This week The StyleCracker Pod at Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mahalaxmi Race Course, has on display the fun, fancy and super-stylish brand FancyPants. We talked to the designer duo, Jankee and Stuti, and here’s what they had to say about their trendy yet affordable collection.

SC: What usually serves as inspiration for your collection?

Our biggest inspiration comes from global trends. We spend a lot of time studying trend forecasts to create a mood board for our up-coming collections. We pick the fanciest trends and create a collection of clothes, bags and accessories around it. We love doing this because we get to experience new and exciting fashion every season.

SC: How would you describe the ideal “FancyPants girl”?

An ideal FancyPants girl would be someone who is super comfortable in their own skin and isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone. Even incorporating just one different thing to your personal style can transform you and we love encouraging that.

SC: Describe your own individual styles in one word each.

Jankee: Classic

Stuti: Experimental

SC: If tonight you have to attend the last party before judgement day, what would you wear from your collection?

Jankee: We’ve gotten this gorgeous dress in our new collection called the Crop Top Dress.Its a crop top and pencil skirt jointed together with a mesh panel. I would wear that and party the night away.

Stuti: Our pink tassel crop top with our front zipper white skinny pants.

SC: Three accessories that, according to you, are absolute must-haves this season?

A bright and roomy tote, anything with tassels (earrings, necklaces, bags or dresses), crop top and a pair of cute waterproof flats.

SC: How relevant do you think is correct styling to an outfit?

Styling is essential to an outfit because you have so many components available but to bring it together as a striking ensemble requires vision.

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SC Style Tip: Watch out for the “Crop Top and Skirt Mesh Panel Dress” from FancyPants collection at the SC Pod this week.

The StyleCracker Pod is a daily pop-up, open from 12 noon to midnight, at Olive Bar & Kitchen, Mahalaxmi Race Course.