Fashion Conscious Institutes In Pune

Since time immemorial, fashion and cinema have had a great impact on our way of living. Be it the 70’s or the 90’s, the adaption of style into real life is something that doesn’t go out of notice.  The youngsters are an epitome of style, passion and confidence. Fashion is more like a way of living for all of us. Pune being one of the cities that abide by the fashion mantras, we bring you fashion conscious institutes from the city, that are all about setting the trend for the future.

  1. Fergusson College


From the architecture to the fests, Fergusson exhibits the authenticity and diversity of culture and shows a variety of differently dressed students. All about: jholas and jhumkas.

  1. Film and Television Institute of India (FTII)


The film and television institute for filmmaking, courses in television studies and acting is a place where students are vibrant, effortless yet fashion conscious. All about : kurtis and scarves.

  1. School of Fashion Technology (SOFT)


This fashion school in Pune has a wide array of fashionable and stylish students. All about : smart casuals, sun dresses.

  1. Symbiosis Institute


The symbiosis institute has students from across the globe with different backgrounds, cultures and not to miss, different styles in clothing. All about : dresses , printed pants , kaftans.

  1. Indira College for Mass Communication

634940401945116421_Indira Institute of Management Pune Main Building

This institute for mass media studies has a whole lot of fashion enthusiastic students. All about: cool casuals, scarves and torn jeans.

  1. FAD International


This institute offering courses in fashion and arts has students matching up to the latest trends in fashion and style. All about: dresses, crop tops and everything glam.