Fashion For Your Furry BFF!

The phrase “a dog’s life” will now read more like a compliment than an insult if the love for the four-footed kind is anything to go by.

Pooch grooming has gone way beyond hygiene and cleaning in the last couple of years. It’s not just clipping and scissoring anymore, pet owners feel their furry little best friends should also get shaping and Vitamin-E oil massages when it comes to paw care. Increasingly popular mantras also include aroma therapy washes in “pawdicures” and essential jojoba and almond oil foot soaks that help soothe a pet’s feet.


While pet fashion in the way of little jackets and dog booties are doing the rounds, we also have doggie fashion shows in India now, where proud pet owners walk their dogs down the ramp all dressed up!


Even collars and collar charms are getting more stylish by the day.



In the way of accessories, bandanas, party collars and paw booties work best for the adorable pooches.

badana 299 spoilt to the bone-1745



As it’s winter and you don’t want your four-legged BFF to be cold, a slick sweatshirt or a cool doggie jacket is a nice idea!



While there is a plethora of items that you can spoil your pet with, nothing compensates for the time, care and love they need! So give them that… along with a super stylish pet wardrobe!