Fashion Hashtags Demystified

While using hashtags was once considered cool, it has been so hugely overdone on all social media networks that now #writing #like #this #is #super #irritating. Most hashtags used by Instagrammers are uninterpretable acronyms. No more will you have to wonder “What on earth is #YOLO??”, because SC has identified and demystified most commonly used fashion hashtags.

#OOTD – short for Outfit Of The Day, this particular hashtag is more of an excuse than anything else for utterly self-involved people to click selfies in front of the mirror everyday and play social media fashionistas.


#instafashion – this hashtag is used to tag any fashion and style related images that self-proclaimed (often misguided) style experts share on Instagram.


#POTD – abbreviation for Pic Of The Day, this hashtag is used to share any image under the sun that is found even a tiny bit interesting or stylish by fashionable Instagrammers. could be another stupid pouting selfie, a kickass pair of new shoes or Adam Levine carrying a puppy!


#swag – short for swagger, this hashtag is easily the most hated word in social media slang. The users on seem particularly antagonised by the word, judging by the kind of definitions we came across. our favourite one is “A tag used by idiots to show how retarded they are. Make sure to avoid people who use the word swag and/or #swag.”


#IGSTYLE – sister tag to #instafashion, used to tag almost the same kind of image shares on Instagram as instafashion. seriously, social media users, more often than not, tend to over-abuse the hashtags!


#YOLO – Not at all style related but we were fascinated by the sheer amount of hilarious, sarcastic definitions people had put up on Overused acronym for You Only Live Once, it apparently means Hakuna Matata in “Coolspeak”. Our recommendation, never use it. As Jack Black explains, “I’m fairly certain YOLO is just Carpe Diem for stupid people.”