Fashion Magazine Covers We Love

Love them? Hate them? It doesn’t matter. You just can’t ignore them.

We bring you 10 iconic fashion magazine covers you ought to know of.

  1. July 1932, Vogue


The first issue of British Vogue to feature a photograph on its cover. This shot was taken by the famous photographer Edward Steichen.

  1. October 1976, Vogue


For its Silver Jubilee, the publication ditched the done-to-death layout with semi-clad models, enticing captions and not-so-subtle label dropping. This cover is symbolic of Vogue’s voice- bold and beckoning.

  1. November 1988, Vogue

Michaela in Christian Lacroix jewel-studded jacket and Guess? jeans

Anna Wintour’s first cover for the magazine was a path-breaker. With the streets at her back and a nonchalant grin, Michaela Bercu’s capture was in stark contrast to the affected close-up shots of the time. Wearing a Christian Lacroix jacket and Guess jeans, she effortlessly juxtaposed haute couture with the city curb.

  1. August 1991, Vanity Fair


The magazine’s dramatic cover of the naked, seven months pregnant, Demi Moore caused much furor when it was released. But the shot triggered a trend of taking provocative pregnancy photos and had a lasting cultural impact.

  1. April 1999, GQ


With Muhammad Ali on its cover, the magazine proved that the  mark of a true gentleman is to be able to put up a good fight.

  1. February 2002, Harper’s Bazaar


We love this one for its sharp design. Gisele Bundchen defiantly shows her back to the audience with the witty caption ‘Fashion’s back’ running across the image.

  1. January 2009, GQ


Jennifer Aniston unleashed her sultry side with this one…and no one was complaining, save Brad Pitt maybe (This cover was shot just after their break-up)

  1. March 2012, Harper’s Bazaar


Were it not for the tagline, you wouldn’t know the face behind the mane is Gwyneth Paltrow’s. Understated yet powerful, coy yet alluring- the shot gets you intrigued about what’s contained within the covers.

  1. April 2015, GQ


Australian Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, with his controlled gaze, confident stance and suave style has us drooling. The caption ‘Primed Minister’ maybe controversial but we totally get why this gentleman could effortlessly win an election, were he to stand.

  1. July 2015, Vanity Fair


Caitlyn Jenner’s image stoked the Web into giddy excitement. Everybody had an opinion and they were eager to voice it. This shot did its job- it got people talking.