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Come fall, things are changing – our go to bible for all things designer, beauty and fashion weeks, is all set to become the luxury source for shopping looks fresh off the runway. Condé Nast will to shift’s content and runway coverage over to which will be managed under the name of Vogue USA. It’s changes like these that tell a lot about the e-commerce market’s booming success.

Lanvin x Arsenal


Football and fashion rarely go hand in hand, while this may be an unexpected alliance, Lanvin’s collaboration with football club Arsenal’s far from being unlikely – the French luxury brand has been outfitting the team for official club appearances since two years.

So, its only fitting that Lanvin has now designed their official club suits with dapper details that include a red rose tie pin and a gold Arsenal crest on a midnight blue suit with slim fit shirt and a handmade red silk tie – what’s not to love?!

A recycled gown at the Met Gala red carpet

Livia and Colin Firth
Livia and Colin Firth
Antonio Berardi's sketch for the Met Gala gown.
Antonio Berardi’s sketch for the Met Gala gown.

Colin Firth’s beau Livia plans to go green at the red carpet at the upcoming Met Gala on Monday. In a conscious effort to promote sustainability, she will wear a gown by Antonio Berardi made from yarns that are spun from recycled plastic bottles. We can’t wait to see how the gown turns out!