Fashion Trends We Could’ve Lived Without

Extreme low-rise jeans

Who doesn’t love a pair of jeans? We all agree jeans are wardrobe essentials. However, super low-rise jeans gave you no choice but to flaunt your assets (irrespective of what they looked like!) It also gave rise to the next two trends below that we could’ve happily done without.

Thongs on Display

We’re pretty sure this trend was NOT the classiest. Also called the ‘whale tail’, we strongly believe the world doesn’t need to know what your underwear looks like. It’s always better to leave some things to the imagination.

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Muffin tops

Incase you missed this one, let us refresh your memory. When a girl wears super tight jeans and her belly flab sticks out, it creates a muffin top. This “by-product” trend was not flattering for skinny girls OR curvy girls making everyone appear to be fat. We can do without it ever surfacing again.

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Super large shoulder pads

We love our garments having some structure, but we wish neither gender puts on large shoulder pads ever again.

image credits - getty images
image credits – getty images

Tracksuits worn outside the gym

Tracksuits are meant to lounge in or for when you hit the gym. Let’s just keep them where they belong!

Hilary Duff image credits -
Hilary Duff image credits –

Head to toe animal print

Full head to toe leopard print looks just plain wrong, unless it’s Halloween and you’re dressing up as a leopard.

Gwen Stefani image credits -
Gwen Stefani image credits –

Eye size sunglasses

These sunglasses are so small they look like your eyes are being pressed down. Besides, what’s wrong with aviators?

Pajamas worn outdoors

Comfort before style? Sure. But if you’re dressing to face your worst enemy, we doubt you’ll feel confident in a pair of pajamas.

Rashida Jones image credits -
Rashida Jones image credits –

Plastic Clogs

These make your feet look ten times its actual size and well, no one takes an adult with giant colourful plastic shoes seriously.

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Next-Level Distressed Denim

We’re all for a worn out jeans with a tear or two by the knee but heavily distressed denim that costs a bomb?..Uhhhh no thanks.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian image credits -
Kim and Kourtney Kardashian image credits –

Tell us in the comments below what you thought of these trends, or if we missed out on anything!