Festive Flats: 5 Pairs To Keep You Comfy As You Party

One shoe bite per party, that’s the norm during festive season and don’t even try to deny it. Your sky-high heels might look fantastic, but is that pain really worth it? What if we told you your outfit could look just as good in a pair of flats? You’re about to thank us big-time because you’ll be ditching your stilettos faster than you can say “cheeeese” for that festive insta-photo.

Meet My My footwear. We’ve been wearing their shoes for a little while now and they’re comfy enough to wear all day, everyday. We picked out 5 pairs we’re definitely adding to our cart for the season, and you should too…

They’re easy to match with pretty much anything you wear this season and keep you comfortable at the same time! Make sure you follow them on social media to keep up with their new launches.



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