Fitness Secrets Of The Kardashians

None of the Kardashians-Jenners are certified when it comes to fitness, but with Kim and Kourtney’s post pregnancy weight loss and Koko practically killing it. We’re bound to believe in all their fitness mantras. Fitness is like a job to the Kardashian family and they take it very seriously. Here are 9 things the Kardashians swear by to keep healthy, fit and super glam.


EXERCISING IN A SAUNA SUIT – A sauna suit is a must for Khloe when she is doing cardio. It helps increase the body temperature, allowing her to sweat three times more than usual.


EARLY RISE AND GRIND – The alarm goes off at 5am in the Kardashian house. This ensures to fit in a sweat session before their day gets crazy.


SIP ON FIT TEA – Not only do the Kardashian sisters pose with the detox tea kits but they also sip on them to stay slim.


WAIST TRAIN – The Kardashians may have their respective boo’s but we know their first true love has got to be their waist trainers. It gives them an extra boost to sweat more, for when they’re feeling bloated.


DITCHING DAIRY AND GOING GLUTEN FREE – No cheese, pizza, milk and ice-cream. The sisters also follow a gluten free diet. Recently Kourtney took along gluten free cookies for Rob Kardashians birthday party. Now that sounds a little too harsh.


CHEAT DAY – The Kardashians are very passionate about their salads bowls, but they occasionally indulge in “treat days”. Yes, a good old slice of pizza and mac n cheese count.


NO BOOZING – We might see them hitting the town up often, but the sisters do not drink alcohol whatsoever. Focus and determination is the key to keeping these extra calories off.


SLOW AND STEADY – Losing weight too quickly increases the chances of gaining it back quicker. Going slow, steady and checking in are key to a successful weight loss journey.


SNACKING – They have their pantries and hand bags stocked up with healthy snack items. The Kardashian sisters choose to munch on a stick of celery with peanut butter, dry fruits or cereal for when the hunger strikes.