Five minutes with Dr Kerstin Meyer Lipp, Wella Professionals

Nature and science all in a bottle, the Wella Professionals Elements range is all about accessible luxury and attainable results with softer, healthier hair and ten times more strength against breakage.

Infused with the fragrance of the Amazon, the Wella Professionals Elements range is free of sulfates, parabens and artificial colorants, and provides up to ten times more strength against breakage for renewed hair vitality.

StyleCracker caught up with the Innovation expert at Wella, Dr. Kerstin Meyer-Lipp for a quick chat.

StyleCracker: What drove your decision of combining nature with science in creating this unique range of products?
Dr Kerstin Meyer Lipp
: To develop well-performing products, I think it is important to get the best from nature and the best from science which is precisely how we have curated the Wella Elements range. It will provide the consumer with a complementing experience combined.

SC: With quite a few nature-inspired products existing in the market today, what sets the Elements range apart?
: Experience for the consumers, good lathering performance, product benefit- strength, Amazonian fragrance.

SC: Tell us a bit about your favourite product in the range.
The shampoo.

SC: What should be the frequency of using these products?
You can use them on a daily basis, as they are gentle on the hair and scalp. Make sure you use the conditioner or mask after shampooing. The mask can be used often if the hair is very damaged as it does not weigh down the hair .

SC: In what way do your products help in enhancing the quality and texture of one’s hair?
Antioxidant properties – The free radicals that damage your hair are captured and trapped away. Provides ten times more keratin protection for the hair. It provides conditioning to the hair too.

SC: How efficient are the products for women with coloured hair and for dull and damaged hair too?
They contain EDDS (a chemical chelant which reduces copper levels) which protects your hair colour.

SC: How is the Indian haircare market different from the one globally?
Dr. KML:
The affinity towards using hair oil which is not seen that much in Europe.



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