Five times Aishwarya Rai Bachchan showed us how to dress right

Yes we agree she’s gotten a lot of flack for those Cannes looks, but that was then and this is now. Touted the ‘Most Beautiful Woman in the World’, Ash has recently rocked the red carpet with some serious style. Take notes for a lesson in grown-up glamour.

Lesson 1: Conceal to Reveal
A strong advocator of the ‘less-is-more’ policy, Ash sticks to simple yet classic silhouettes that cover her problematic areas especially heavy upper arms.
StyleCracker Solution: If you carry a little bit of flab in your upper arms, then longer style sleeves are your best friend. Opt for 3/4th sleeves or fluted sleeves. Cap sleeves or tight sheer sleeves are avoidable.



Lesson 2: Play up your Curves
Rather than hiding behind shapeless shifts and boxy silhouettes, Ash uses the old-world glamour trick of cinching the waist to appear slimmer.
StyleCracker Solution: If your waist lacks definition, then create an illusion of a slimmer waist with fitted styles with cinched waist. Add a belt or opt for wrap dresses, since they add structure and flow right over your mid-sections Avoid the empire line cut, loose and straight silhouettes which lack definition.


Lesson 3: Be discreet about your assests
Stay classy, says Ash with her satorial and demure necklines, that flatter yet leave a lot to the imagination.
StyleCracker Solution: Boat necks and V-necks work for most ages. Avoid the heart-shaped neckline which will only make you seem heavier. PS: Although you may feel covered up with a high round neck or a turtle neck, they will only add bulk.


Lesson 4: Elongate your neck
Ash is nothing if not graceful and if you take a closer look at her pictures, you’ll notice how much of a role her posture has to play in it.
StyleCracker Solution: While we can’t constantly remind you to “stand up straight”, we can definitely recommend a cheat sheet. For eg: Create an illusion of elongated neck skinny long chains and chandelier earrings. Scarves worn long in the infront rather than wrapped around is another way of elongating your torso.

Lesson 5: Work that booty
Unless you’re channeling a certain hip hop star, take a cue from Ash and leave spandex just for the gym.
StyleCracker Solution: A-line skirts, mid-rise pants and jeans are are your best bet. Or if you are in the mood to experiment – why not opt for the totally on-trend ’70s flared denim?