Forget duck faces, THIS animal is the next big trend in selfies..

Duck and fish pouts are yesteryear tales! Here’s introducing you to the next animal inspiration that’s taking the self-obsessed world by storm.


The it-girl disorder is going bonkers, once again! And this time around, extinction in the race isn’t stopping its revolution. You’ve saved them in the gallery, sent to your Snapchat buddies and uploaded on social media like you’re seeing no tomorrow. But.. have you tried the T-REX selfie yet?


The short-armed T-Rex hand that defines this selfie trend isn’t a bad trick to master, twist it like a lady and snap an elegant picture. And you’d be lying if you say you haven’t seen them before- the celebrities are doing it and even the household Kardashian sisters! Learn it off them here:

Get snapping, we say!


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