Frizz be-gone! 5 hacks to de-frizz your locks

Keep that frizz at bay!

Now that summer’s almost here, we know exactly what you’re worried about. You’ve spent endless amounts of your allowance trying to find the right shampoo, and hours upon hours frying your hair straight with a straightener to no avail… That frizz just won’t go away! But don’t fret, here’s how to tame those curly tresses with ease.


1. Hand lotion ain’t just for hands, girl

Ever find yourself in a public washroom, awkwardly gawking at your frizzy stray hairs? In a pinch, you can always use a small – and we mean, small – droplet of hand lotion to smooth them down.


2. Silk is the way to go 

Cotton pillowcases? What are you, a peasant? Nah, we’re only joking. But if you want to tame the frizz, try using a silk pillowcase or head-wrap when you hit the hay. This is guaranteed to give you results!


3. Douse your what in hairspray?

Hairspray isn’t just for your tresses! Spray some on your comb or brush right before using it, and the bristles will do all the work for you by evenly distributing the product all over your locks.


4. Soda will make your mane pop!

This may seem a little weird, but carbonated water, or plain soda, can help calm the frizz. After following your normal hair-wash routine, pour a generous dose of the stuff over your tresses, immersing them completely. This will clarify your roots and scalp, giving you smooth, shiny hair!


5. Diffuse and de-frizz

Hairdryers, though convenient, can seriously damage your hair. Try to only blow-dry your hair when necessary, or better yet, use a diffuser! Combing the diffuser through your roots will give you volume, but will not dry your hair out and cause additional frizz.