Happy Birthday Mr. Mozart!

As one of the greatest musical composers of the classical, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is synonymous with music study and his compositions have brought about a major influence in the music we hear today! On his 260th birthday, we round up some interesting facts about him!


– Mozart could write music before he could write words. He wrote his first symphony when he was just eight!


– Mozart was a huge child star, one of the greatest pianists of his generation, and the most well known composer in Europe by the age of 20. But despite all of this, he spent most of his life looking for a job!

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 4.46.01 PM

– He was highly infamous for his toilet humor!

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– He could lie on his back and play a harpsichord, piano and organ backwards!


– Loud noises bothered him the most. The blast of a trumpet often brought tears to his eyes!


– When he died, his wife, Constanze got so disturbed that she crawled into bed with his dead body, only for her to catch his illness and die with him!



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