Get a coquettish derriere

So, lend us your ears – in this case, your eyes – ladies. It’s getting warmer and warmer and all of you have started to take that morning jog that you ditched all winter. Plus, you have also started with your meticulous regime of exfoliation to get rid of that layer of dead skin, because you know is now time to flaunt that polished and toned figure at the beach. Having said that, what do you ladies do for your butt? Yes, your cute tush. Do you realise that your derriere also needs that polished look to add to your tenacity? Here are a few ways you can flaunt the posterior of yours.


Go Taut


You exercise to make sure you don’t get a muffin top and to make sure that your arms don’t look like a wrestlers’ but, you need to think about that tush-ie of yours too. Go for some squats and side lunges to make them firm.

Tush Treat


Opt for a butt-facial. You heard it right. There is a facial for your butt, which would help you get rid of the rough patches and uneven skin tone at the folds. A butt-facial contains the use of Micro Derma Brasion, a masque and an hydrating serum, to polish and soften the cheeks. At the end of it you would get a tush as smooth as a baby’s.



If you feel too awkward to strip down and bare your rear to a total stranger, you can exfoliate at home. Get some coffee grinds and mix them with some sea salt, a few drops of honey and coconut oil. Message the mixture on your butt-cheeks in a circular motion – for five minutes and then jump in the shower. Believe us; you would not be disappointed with the end results.


Go ahead and shake that booty, girl!