How To Get The Perfect Red-Carpet-Ready Hair Blow-Out At Home

A professional blow dry can be a difficult task to pull off, but these DIY tricks and tips are going to change your life forever. Get ready to rock smooth, shiny and bouncy hair this season without burning a hole in your pocket. So get your hair tools out and follow SC’s pro tips to get the perfect blow out at home. Gorgeous hair like you just walked out of the salon!


Shower power

Believe it or not it all starts with washing your locks. Residue from your conditioner can ruin the chances of a perfect blow dry. So go ahead and shampoo twice. Shampoo-condition-shampoo!


Towel turbans

Hair drying dripping wet hair is a big no, no. Make sure you pat dry your hair with a soft towel before applying any heat to it. If you’re running short on time or are just feeling lazy throw your hair up in a towel and that’ll do the work.



Use a wide tooth comb to brush out your hair gently.


Prep and Play

Spray in some heat protectant to prevent your hair from breaking and looking frizzy. Not only does the product protect your strands from damage but also helps hydrate, moisturize and volumize it.


Dry it out

Roughly tumble dry your hair to get rid of any extra moisture.


Section, section, section

Get your hands on some good old metal clips and part your hair out into manageable sections. Work on one section at a time to get the prefect look.


Invest in a brush

A sturdy brush is the key to a successful blow dry. Barrel brushes are the way to go and work the best for both thick and fine hair.


Diffusers for the win

If you’re someone who wants to preserve the natural texture and waviness of your hair, diffusers are going to be your best buds. Plug the tool onto your hair dryer and scrunch for that effortless look.


Cool air to finish off

For finishing off add some shine serum and gently run your fingers through your hair. Now switch the setting on your dryer to cool and blast your hair to lock in those curls and get the perfect salon finish.