Get Runway Legs

Let the green-eyed monster take over your girlfriends as you meet them for brunch in your saccharine summer dress; baring those perfect pair of coquettish legs. Now, to receive admiration for a perfect pair of gleaming legs, some effort would have to come in from you.


Be ready to give your legs a bit of a workout; toned legs look way sexier, you’ll feel even more confident baring your legs if they are strong and toned, so try running, cycling and dance classes.


Not only that exfoliate once a week, witch products that are easily available in your kitchen. A exfoliating body scrub can mean the difference between itchy, rough legs and silky smooth skin. Her go-to homemade scrub is made of one cup of coffee grinds, half a cup of coconut oil and one fourth cup of sugar.For this scrub, the coffee and sugar particles act as exfoliants, while the coconut oil replaces the moisture back into your skin. Grind the ingredients together till you achieve a doughy texture and get ready for a session of rich exfoliation – the left over product can be stored away for future use.


It’s time to slap on some velvety substances to add high sheen to those gorgeous legs of yours. Use oil if the legs are dehydrated and if they are gray, patch and pale, go for Perfect Legs Skin Miracle; this works instantly on the pigmentation, bruises, small scars, little insect bite marks. Also, a cheaper remedy, which is to take, any firming body lotion, mix it with a highlighter and apply to skin.


To even out the complexion of the knees,Mac Face and Body foundation works best.  Do not apply over moisturiser or oil, but moisturise your skin a few minutes before applying to allow the moisturiser to be absorbed by the skin before blending in the foundation.


Finally, if you do have stretch marks or suffer from any skin condition, like Vitiligo; then go for Vichy Derma blend Foundation or Estée Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover and finish the application by dusting with setting powder. With all these tips, be ready to strut around town with a whopping amount confidence in those flawless, runway legs.