Girls’ Night: In or Out?

Celebrate people, the weekend’s here! Once every while, we get to spend the weekend with our best girls. When everyone has their schedules cleared for epic girls’ night, the question arises – in or out? Sure, at this point there will be a lot of different opinions and arguments, but you’ll all come to a decision in the end. And whatever you decide – Girls’ Night In or Girls’ Night Out – SC will help you make this weekend awesome for you and your besties.


The things that make girls’ night in so epic are the activities you plan and do together with your besties. A typical girls’ night in entails long heart to hearts, manicure sessions, boyfriend bitchin’, fashion talks, mom issues, dad issues, more boyfriend bitchin’ and so on. If you don’t want to go the conventional way for a night in, we’ve got some pretty fun ideas for you to try out!

Beauty DIYs – Make it a beauty night and turn your room into a spa by making supercool DIY Body Scrubs with your girlfriends. You can also try out different homemade face packs (in between heavy gossip sessions, of course!) and indulge in some much-deserved pampering.


Movie Marathon – Get out all your “chick flick” DVDs, because Girls’ Night In is the perfect time to satisfy your fluffy, light-hearted romance cravings. Share a tub of ice cream with your girls while watching a back to back run of our all time favourites – Sex and The City (the movie), Legally Blonde, Clueless and Frozen!


Binge-Watching a Series – Pick a TV series (No, we don’t think Game of Thrones is suitable for Girls’ Night viewing). Watch as many seasons of the said series as you can. We recommend a light-hearted comedy instead of a weepy drama. We’re currently obsessed with The Mindy Project – give it a try, it’s hilarious.

Karaoke Night – You don’t need a karaoke system to turn your sleepover into an awesome (and noisy as hell) night. YouTube has any and all kinds of karaoke videos that you and your friends can sing to. All you need is a nice set of speakers, a fast loading YouTube, and a little booze to make it a magical (not to mention super fun!) night. Your neighbours might complain about “all the racket”, but eh, who cares!



The plan’s always the same for this one. You dress up, you go out, you drink, you dance the night away. The only hard part of the evening is standing in front of your closet, being hit by the “I don’t have anything to wear” syndrome. But no worries, StyleCracker stylists are at your service to eliminate exactly that.

Here are a few looks we put together for a kickass Girls’ Night Out.





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