Glam-it-yourself – how to create your own custom lipstick colours

It’s all about that DIY glam.

Have you ever seen an eyeshadow colour and thought it would look perfect as a lipstick? Well, we’re here to tell you that your makeup goals could actually come true. With a few supplies and some Pinterest inspo, we’re going to help you create unique lip colours to suit your skin tone and personal style. Let’s get glamming!



Use your old lipsticks to create your own new and fabulous shade. Shave a little bit off your fave lippies with a craft knife, and blend them together using a lip brush. (Use a palette to make this easier). Once you’ve mixed the pigments, add in a heaped teaspoon of Vaseline. Blend this mixture together, and voila! You’ve got yourself a perfectly special lip shade. Transfer the final product into a cosmetic tin, and you’re good to go.




If you’ve ever fallen in love with an eyeshadow shade and wanted to turn it into a lipstick, here’s how to get cracking. First, make sure you’re using a powder eyeshadow; loose pigments work best. Scoop a teaspoon of product onto a palette, and lightly press to get rid of any clumps. Then, blend in a teaspoon of Vaseline. Stir them together until you get a smooth paste. Pour the paste into a container, and you’ve just Pinterested your way to peak makeup customisation.



This one’s only for the adventurous. Ever wanted to try out an electric blue or marine green lipstick but didn’t have the confidence to shell out big bucks for what may become a major oops moment? Then this DIY is just what you need. Find a skin-safe and trusted brand of crayons (we prefer Crayola any day) and melt them with the help of a double-boiler. Once crayons have melted, add in a teaspoon of coconut oil and a dash of scented essential oil. Finally, pour your mixture into a heat-safe container and get ready to blow everyone away. With a big pack of 64 crayons, you’re never going to run out of lip colours ever again.


DISCLAIMER: Though StyleCracker recommends using products that are safe for your skin, we will not be held liable for any adverse consequences caused due to these DIYs.