Glam up your black trousers

You think – well, you know for a fact – that your black trousers are drab and boring and your daily life couldn’t get any more ashen than it already is. Every day, you end up picking up the same ol’ trousers and pairing them with the same kind of shirt, because you are too tired and scared to try something new. But, let not get fear get the better of, you can add glam to those drab black trousers in a jiffy and we shall tell you how.

Get Polished!


Go for a colourful blouse – after all you have a huge colour palette at your disposal. Use it – instead of your staple greys and whites.


Pair the ensemble up with strappy heels and go on to add the layers with a smart blazer; you can just go for shrobing – and not actually wearing the blazer. It will instantly light up your appearance.

Get Dressy!



You just need to add some bling girl! Take out your statement pieces – your big, chunky choker or your favourite danglers – and pair them up with your black trousers. You could also pair them with a dressy, bling-y top.


Also, a chic clutch or tote would help you gain a dynamic look. You can’t imagine how the accessories can transform a dull look.

Chill In Them!


You think you can’t pull a relaxed look with those lack trousers? Think again. Fold the trousers at the hem and put on your favourite sneakers and a loose t-shirt. To get into the feel of it, let your hair loose or tie it in a nonchalant bun.

Play with layers!

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Not only with blazers, but pair them with any of your jackets. You could throw on your denim jacket for a sassy look, your biker jacket for a badass look.


Your varsity jackets would give it a sporty and edgy twist and throw on your trench coats for a pinch of polish with chic.

Get Artsy!


Play with everything that is there in your closet. Throw on your sweatshirts and play with stripes and floral prints.


Add on a fedora hat or a classic stole paired with sandals or brogues to complete the prolific look.

Let us know which look works the best for you.