Got The Munchies? We found A Healthy Solution!

Let’s be honest, no one can get through a long day at work without getting struck with the munchies. Lunchtime is one hour people can never wait for at any office and God forbid you find something less than scrumptious in your lunchbox. And then there’s that period after lunch. Most people just order in an afternoon snack but there’s got to be a healthier option, right?

We recently discovered Wingreens and now there’s no going back! Team StyleCracker has been hooked on to everything, from their dips and sauces to their spreads and teas – there’s something for any kind of mood you’re in!

Take a look at some of our favourites:

You can find their entire menu of products here and catch them at the StyleCracker Night Market this weekend, Khar Gymkhana from 4pm to midnight!