#GymBagInspo – here’s what’s in your favourite celeb’s gym bag

Ever wonder what B-Town has hidden inside their designer gym bags?

We all wish we had the killer bods that Bollywood’s biggest stars do. They’ve got great trainers, regimented work-out schedules, and immense dedication – but of course they do, they’re always in the spotlight! If it seems like you’re a little bit more dedicated to Netflix and pizza, maybe some cool new work-out gear in your own gym bag could give you that push to head to the gym every week. Peep these stars’ totes and get shopping!



Alia’s into some pretty avant-garde work-outs that involve complex machines and contraptions, but she’s also a fan of yoga. So we reckon she’s got a sturdy yet comfy exercise mat rolled up with her whenever she’s at the gym.



In numerous interviews, Piggy Chops has admitted to disliking the gym, claiming that her fit figure is all thanks to her hectic schedule. From running between shoots in LA to hopping on flights every other day, she probably needs a trusty pair of sneakers to get through her day-to-day life.



Deepika’s always been a sportswoman. Competing in national-level badminton games to featuring in Nike’s “Da Da Ding” advert, she knows the importance of a work-out routine. As a professional gym rat and Nike’s official brand endorser, she must swear by Nike’s Pro Training Tights for those hot and sweaty gym sessions.



Remember Parineeti’s ever-popular fitness campaign photos? Despite what they may imply, she’s said that hitting the gym too often gets incredibly boring for her, which is why she likes mixing it up with some laps in the swimming pool. A results-oriented fitness freak like her must opt for a no-frills swimsuit option – only streamlined, drag-reducing fabrics will work. That’s why she always carries some competitive swimwear with her!



Let’s all just admit it, no one could stop admiring Vaani’s amazing bod the minute we saw her in Befikre. We hear that though she likes hitting the gym, she likes hitting the dance-floor just as often! That probably explains her stellar dance moves in Nashe Si Chadh Gayi… But more importantly, it’s also why she loves carrying her tunes to the gym. The fast beats must keep her motivated and energized!


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