Hairstyles to beat the heat

Summer has got to be the best time of the year, exciting possibilities, endless memories and summer style. But with the temperature hitting a solid 40, it is also the season for sweaty necks and sticky hair. A big, frizzy hot mess is the last thing us ladies need to deal with. Nobody needs, what feels like a 250 degree pre heated oven over their heads. That’s exactly why summer hairdos are a necessity. Here are 8 low maintenance summer proof hairstyles, to keep the hair off your face and help you stay cool.


Top Knot

We cannot thank the person enough who invented the top knot. It is perfect for the days when even the idea of letting your hair loose scares you. Don’t forget to comb down the baby hairs and pull a few strands out, it just completes the look.


Fishtail Braid 

You can never go wrong with braids, it’s the best option to go with on a hot day when the weather and your hair are being extremely uncooperative.


Sleek Ponytails

Summers are the best time to get creative with your ponytails. Pull your hair back and tie it up in neat, brushed out ponytail to achieve a polished look. You can wear this out in the day or at night, 0 to 100 in seconds.


Wrap It Up

Let’s face it, we all have a drawer full of scarves in our cupboards which we never use. Flaunt your collection this summer; throw up your hair and tie a scarf around the front of your head. This look is the true meaning of effortless.


Side Buns

When humidity strikes, buns will be our saving grace. You can choose to go with a messy boho look or pin your hair up into a sleek more elegant finish


Low Hanging Plaits

Simplicity is key on a hot day. Tie down your hair into a side swept, low hanging plait. Pro tip: tug on few strands and add hair spray for texture.


Fancy Updo

A sophisticated updo is ideal for a special occasion or big event. Twist your locks, plait a halo around your head or pin up your hair into a braided updo.


Faux Bob

Who doesn’t love a good old bob, but chopping the majority of your hair off is a commitment we’re not ready to take on. That’s when the faux bob comes to our rescue. Tease your hair, gather it up and pin it down at a comfortable length. Pro tip: bobby pins are your best friends for this look.