Heel Talk | We’ve Never Heard A Single Complaint Against These Shoes

Think about it, stilettos can’t be worn on cobbled ground or grass for obvious reasons. Wedges are great, but if they’re too tall, they can be treacherous. Which leaves us with the block heel. They’re almost always comfortable to wear; can be worn on all kinds of surfaces and tbh, they look as good as their not-so-comfy counterparts. The block heel is like that friend who’s always there for you – comforting you through thick and thin; or in the shoe’s case – through all kinds of parties and events. Heck they’re so comfy, we’re wearing them daily to look a bit more formal and put-together, and then taking the same pair out dancing all night long. As you know, we love a little functionality.

For this very reason, and since we’re always looking to build our shoe arsenal, we turned to Gossip. The trusted shoe brand has been in the industry for ages and has never let you down when it comes to options. We found tons (and we mean that literally) of block heels and somehow (don’t ask) managed to pick out a few that we truly loved. Take a look…

Imagine wearing this to a carnival-themed do – uneven surfaces with shoes that don’t disappoint!

We love these for weddings. Under a sari, lehenga or anarkali. The shimmer peeks out every time you sit and they feel as comfy as ever

These are ideal for every day. When you’re out lunching and brunching and want to add a little glam to your regular #ootd

An editor favourite, these heels don’t need a glam outfit to match. They can do all the work

And finally, who else can picture these at work and then at the bar getting a few drinks after?

Go ahead, give them a shout on Instagram if you’re ask kicked about these heels as we are. They have a bunch of stores around Mumbai and can be shopped on their website here.