Here are the winners of The SC Scholarship!

Another season’s fun-filled Borough experience is just almost here – 15th November, eeep! – where StyleCracker brings to you a crazy shopping and food festival to be a part of. We at StyleCracker have always aimed at launching new talent and exposing them to the masses for which we had introduced the SC Scholarship in our last edition of the Borough. The 4th installment of the StyleCracker Borough, showcases not just one but four winners of the SC Scholarship, each of whom have a distinct and impressive quality of design. We are excited to present to you the winners of our SC Scholarship!

LUNE: Primarily a jewelry brand, Lune has some of the simplest, prettiest, bold and free spirited jewelry you’ll find.


10 AM: Whether you need to buy gifts or desperately trying to find interesting décor, 10 am is your one stop destination to find stuff that ranges from quirky to classy.


GET BAKED: Take a break from the extensive and fabulous shopping for clothes and accessories and indulge in some healthy snacking. Get baked is that one stop that offers you healthy, guilt-free munching on delicious granola bars.

Get baked DONE

TINCA: Lastly, our fourth and very special winner is StyleCracker’s very own stylist Tia Paranjape, who designs a capsule collection of fun, colorful, and very reasonable graphic printed tees especially for the SC Borough. Don’t miss out on grabbing one of these only at the Borough!


We can’t wait to see what the winners of the SC Scholarship bring to the Borough….You have to be there to witness it….So we’ll see you at the best ever SC Borough on 15thNovember at Tote on The Turf!