8 A-list celebrities who were a part of the Women’s March

The “Million Women’s March” was held on January 21st 2017, where women and anyone else who supports women’s rights were invited to gather at the Lincoln Memorial, DC and march together to the White House. This was a protest against the president elect of Donald Trump, keeping in mind the sexist and racist remarks, he made during his presidential campaign. Several celebrities were a part of this march, here are some pictures.

BLAKE LIVELY – The Gossip Girl star was spotted at the march.


VANESSA HUDGENS – The American actress and singer was a part of the protest along with her sister and friends.

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MILEY CYRUS – The singer spoke about how she and her foundation Happy Hippie, not only want to talk about change, but want to be the change.

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BELLA THORNE – Thorne wrote an inspirational message for everyone, where she asks one to recognize individual power and be whatever one pleases to be.

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EMILY RATAJKOWSKI – Ratajkowski was a part of the march and proudly held a board with one of her favorite quotes by Naomi Wolf. She strongly believed that the protest was what a democracy actually looks like.


ARIANA GRANDE – Ariana marched with the two most important women in her life, her mother and grandmother.



ZENDAYA – Zendaya stood firmly for respecting, protecting and loving all races.

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MADONNA – The singer performed one of her songs, Express Yourself at the rally and delivered a speech where she spoke about wanting to start a revolution.


The protest has helped raise awareness and shows Donald Trump and his cabinet that a huge part of the population will act towards the decisions that will be taken over the next 4 years, and that he will be answerable to the people.