Here’s An Easy Way To Layer Your Delicate Jewellery

The key when it comes to layering anything – be it your clothes, makeup or jewellery is to not go overboard. For clothes we’d say two layers is enough. For makeup, honestly the lesser the better. But when it comes to jewellery, sometimes there are no rules. It always depends on each piece and how they look when worn together.

TBZ recently launched a collection of delicate jewellery called Pretty Lil’ Things and as it turns out, it’s PERFECT for layering.

Here’s how I went about picking out my layers:

For your neck

What looks like a choker on my neck is actually a normal length delicate necklace. I’ve simply clasped it higher to give it that ’90s trend effect. While chokers are totally in right now, layering them is what makes then even more stylish. Pick a small pendant to go with it and simply add it on.

For your wrist

Dressing up my arm stack is my favourite part of getting ready. I love mixing and matching pieces and when it comes to delicate bracelets, it’s better to stick to three pieces at a time. One bangle and two bracelets make a lovely combination.

For your fingers

Unless you’re Phoebe Buffay from FRIENDS, I’d recommend you didn’t wear a ring on each finger! Instead wear 2-3 on your index and middle finger to get that layered look.

Love Pretty Lil’ Things? You can find the collection at TBZ at the StyleCracker Borough tomorrow and the 26th of November at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse! Don’t forget to RSVP here!