Here’s How To Get To The Borough!

We hope you have your schedule cleared for tomorrow because the SC Borough is the most awesome fashion extravaganza this season and you just can’t miss it! Here’s how you can get to our venue – Tote on The Turf, Mahalaxmi!

You can hitch a ride on the SC Double Decker Bus that will drop you off at the Borough. All you need to do is be at your stop (there are 5 in all!) on time and get on board! Here’s a map with all the stops marked, along with the exact timings the SC Bus will pass through those stops. 



And if the SC Bus doesn’t work for you, then you can call for a ride from Uber. We have a special tie up with Uber and you can avail SC Borough discounts! 



We’ll see you at the BEST EVER BOROUGH tomorrow for a day of unlimited fun and fashion!