Here’s How To Perfect The Boyfriend Look

It’s common knowledge that we women look exceptionally adorable and stylish when we wear our dad’s sweaters or our boyfriend’s shirt as a dress! This has, in fact, evolved into a huge trend, one in which the ladies wear chic pieces of clothing at least two sizes too big. 


While everyone knows how to put a belt on a “too big” shirt and wear it as a dress, not everyone can pull off the “boyfriend look” with panache. To maintain balance is key and should always be kept in mind while dressing up in your man’s garb. 

The “boyfriend piece” should be one oversized garment that is paired with a fitted outfit, to balance out the baggy with the form-fitting. Try pairing your man’s favorite flannel shirt with a leather mini skirt, adding a hat to the outfit for extra edge!


There should be a minimal feminine charm to an outfit. It is highly advisable that one wears high heels with Boyfriend Jeans. Layer your boyfriend jeans outfit with a crisp, fitted blazer for a polished, super-chic look. 


Wear your man’s denim shirt over a bustier/ bralet top and pair this with well-fitted pants. A pair of badass booties, block-heeled maybe, complete this look perfectly. 



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