How to dress for a Brew Fest

In this blazing heat, all of us need a chance to let our hair down and bask in the glory of cool comfort, and when these brew festivals sprout about town, we know our summers are going to go from trite to bright with flowing chilled beer, fun games and loads of food. But, one of the key points to enjoy these festivals is to dress the part. SC tells you 5 ways to own the event!

Easy-Breezy4498806_lookbookMost importantly, be comfortable! Opt for something effortless yet chic. Take into account the gallons of beer you will be chugging and dress accordingly.68e2905d78b7c6c84e642ee2e5762035b8

Shift dresses, maxi skirts, free flowing pallazos are a few choices we would suggest.

Fight the Sun

3080754_axsYou need protection from the harmful UV rays, so remember to don on your hats and sunglasses – and of course, slap on loads of sunscreen.

b3b13 Besides protecting you from the scorching heat, hats also add a touch of glam to an otherwise, nonchalant look.

Go Big

12959b6be34f8a9aaf0fd727a9428bb63042274_1_-_CopyLadies, you might want to carry a cross-body or a chic backpack to the fest. Keep your hands free for the beer! Remember to carry along the essentials; lipper, phone, camera and of course, your sunscreen are absolute must-haves!

Feather Footing


Avoid heels – even if they are your mainstay – as they are going to make moving around a big task for you.


If you absolutely MUST wear heels, then opt for wedges instead of stilettoes. Our first choice would be converse shoes.

Festive Frenzy


Play the part by opting for slogan tees, badges, nail pop-art and other accessories that scream all-things-beer!

Now ladies, get ready to use these tips and book your weekend for upcoming brew festivals.Brew Creative Revised

What: Craft Brew Festival

Where: High Street Phoenix, Open Terrace

When: Friday, 29th May, 2015.

The tickets to this amazing fest – which includes fun games and a variety of food stalls – would cost you Rs. 1,500 and are available on

Click on the link below, to book your place at this event.