How To Dress Like Wonder Woman For Party Month!

Gal Gadot is the superhero we all need today. I only just saw Wonder Woman, I’m about to go get myself some Justice League action, and all I can say is that I’m hooked! Not only is her character super empowering, she’s a rockstar in real life too.

Everything, from hiding her pregnancy while filming to refusing to wear heels on the red carpet; Gal Gadot is girl crush goals and it might be a bit excessive to say it, but I want to be her!

As it turns out, she stayed true to her character all through her promotions. No she didn’t walk around from screening to screening in costume, but her outfits did match Wonder Woman’s personality.

Dressing like her (if not being her) would be a dream come true, so here are a few tips to styling yourself like Gal for party month!

1. Bring out the glitter

November and December (and your birthday of course) are the months where you can really bring out all the sparkly pieces your wardrobe has and rock them. Whether it’s just a little bit of shine or a whole dress like Gal’s, sequins are totally acceptable this season.

2. All Black Is Always A Winner

I don’t need to convince you about this one. An all black outfit will never fail you, no matter where you’re going. Add some texture to yours in the form of tassels, lace or even both!

3. We (Wonder Woman and I) Love A Good Corset

A corset has a way of looking like armour and if you really want to channel Wonder Woman, it’s the only way to go! Here’s how you can style yours.

4. Lady In Red

A red dress, any kind of red dress can be as statement-making as you’d like it to be. Accessorise it, wear heels and put your hair back for that Wonder Woman touch.

5. Exaggerate Those Shoulders

Padded, exaggerated shoulders might seem very ’80s but they still look so powerful! Don’t dismiss them before you’ve tried them and if they look anything like this, they’re keepers.

There’s an easier way to get her style of course. Get yourself signed up for a StyleCracker Box and let our team of celebrity stylists take care of the rest!