How To Dress Taller & Leaner!

If you’re one of the adorable petite ones, you’ve spent your life trying to find clothes that don’t make you look smaller yet, but somehow elongate the figure. If you’re short, and on the curvier side of the scales (like a certain SC blogger!), you’ve probably made it your life’s mission to find styles that make you look both taller and leaner! SC is here to help. Read on for SC’s expert guide on how to give the added illusion of height and how to look skinnier!

The most obvious trick to looking taller, or creating the illusion of height, is wearing vertical stripes!



The most obvious way of appearing skinnier than you actually are is, yes, wearing Black! “When in doubt, wear black” is the perhaps truest phrase ever said. The classic color brings the curves of the body into sharp definition, thus making one appear slightly leaner. And that is why an LBD is the absolute must have of every girl’s closet!



In order to look both taller and leaner, wear an outfit that forms an unbroken line on the curves of your figure. This can be achieved by pairing separates of the same color, maybe different shades. 

Also, to give the illusion of longer legs, opt for shorter hemlines! 



SC Tip: If you’re dressing up formal, or even preppy, try wearing an item with short hemline and pair it with dark-colored pantyhose or stockings. This will make your legs look longer and leaner!

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