How to dress your mini skirt

You may think that a mini skirt can only be worn for particular occasions. But, that flirtatious little skirt can play more roles than you can envision. Yes, you can wear it to a club but you can also rock that skirt for a lunch date. We are here to give you some styling tips for your pretty little skirt.

Glam it Up



Pair your saccharine skirts with button-down shirts. The shirt would help ground the coquettish nature of the skirt but without  concealing he femininity. Throw on a chunky neck piece to amp up the glam vibe.

The Hoyden Games

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To add a gamine touch to your mini skirt pair it up with a sweatshirt or a muscle tee. A sweatshirt would work as a refreshing counterpoint and keep it from looking to cute and glamorous.

The Nonchalant Chants


Pair the skirt with your striped tees for an effortless yet glamorous look. It is perfect for a brunch date with your clique.

Add Those Layers

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Add those layers. Throw on your biker jackets or your capes for an edgy and chic look.


Layering can change the entire look of a separate – it would help add some character to the skirt.

Let us know how you would style your mini skirt.