How To Make you Jewelry Look Expensive

Keep it understated. It’s the abracadabra for making your imitation jewellery to appear rich.To get the affluent look you need not invest much. You only need to invest right.


Go for angular shaped accessories. Structured ornaments denote refined taste while cutesy shapes like hanging hearts and fluttering butterflies make you look like a dolled up, overgrown child.

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Add a lady-like polish to your appearance with dainty trinkets. You may have spent a hefty amount purchasing that ‘statement’ piece with big stones and colourful beads but chunky accessories exude a gypsy feel, making it seem like you buy your jewellery off the street.

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If you clutter your ensemble, you will resemble an overcrowded dressing room. Use crisp accents to punctuate your outfit. This means no unnecessary danglers, charms and tassels. Simplicity is your best pal, here.


Pay special attention to the finish of the accessory. Poorly applied enamel, plastic beads that peel colour, crystals that feebly mimic diamonds and flashy high polish metal are a big NO! Clean is the way to go, in this case.



Ladies! One tip style hack for you as you go, apply transparent nail enamel on your accessories to prevent them from bleeding – the green-rusty colour – on your hands and fingers.