How to: Plan a perfect IPL party and survive it!

If hosting a fun IPL house party ranks high on your to-do list this season, the first thing you do is acquire the perfect outfit, and the second? Plan on surviving the messy aftermath, of course!

Today, we team up with professional cleaning experts, Mr. Homecare, to show you just how easy it is to make a party a success and let them worry about the rest!

First things first – The outfit


Your hostess outfit should go with the theme of the party, but it doesn’t have to be too literal! If you aren’t game on sporting your favourite team’s jersey, simply wear a color that matches the supporting team.


We plan on sporting a Mumbai Indians jersey with a relaxed pair of boyfriend jeans and a cute pair of slip-on shoes. It’s playful and relaxed – just like your party!

Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, Zara
Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, Zara
NEW LOOK Classic Lace-up Trainers,

Go on, style the jersey as you see fit; tuck it halfway or choose an oversized version and knot it to one side.


Spruce up your look with a disheveled ponytail and if you’re feeling the team spirit, go on and colour your cheeks with playful stripes that match the supporting team.

Party favours


Finger-foods and snacks are code for a successful game party – all your guests will be too busy parked in front of the TV screen to bother with nibbles that require too much effort.



We wouldn’t recommend stressing yourselves behind a kitchen counter – choose budget-friendly snacks, drinks and appetisers that are easy to call for.

Survive the hangover


You’ve had your fun, the party was a success and now you’re left with picking up the pieces from the messy aftermath.

Wish you had a wand that would magically clean everything without lifting a finger yourself? Well, your wish is granted – we’ve found you professional help that will care for your home as if it were their own!


Enter – Mr. Homecare, a crew of well-trained cleaning specialists that are committed to deep clean your home and ensure that your humble abode gets the spa treatment it deserves!


Where can you find them? Lucky for you, they’re only a phone call away! Reach them at +91 9022-070-070 or simply book a deep cleaning service online on the Mr.Homecare website.


Wondering what they do once they are home? Sit back and relax because their cleaning squad is fully-equipped with proficient skills and a set of professional tools that vacuum sofas, chairs and carpets; offer floor scrubbing with a specialized machine; wipe and disinfect the exteriors of your kitchen, among a slew of expert services.

So go on and host that fun party now that you have a set of professionals to help look after the rest!

For more information, visit their official website at and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with any offers.