How to: Preserve all those Valentine’s Day roses

It breaks our hearts to see lovely Valentine’s Day flowers and bouquets die and wither away so soon. SC has the tips and tricks to preserve the beautiful floral arrangements from wilting and withering away too soon after Valentine’s Day.

Try these three ways of keeping your bouquets looking fresh and beautiful for a couples days longer.

Add aspirin to the water in the vase. Crush one tablet of aspirin and add it to the water with the fresh flowers in and gently mix to dissolve. This will keep the flowers fresh longer.

Add flat soda. Pour about 1/4 cup of soda into a vase of fresh flowers, along with the usual water. Use clear soda unless you want cola colored water. So much fun! (SC tip: you can even add a drop of food colour to the water)

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Add vinegar. Mix 2 tablespoons quality vinegar with 2 tablespoons of sugar. Add it to the water with the flower bouquet. The water should be changed every few days, re-adding the vinegar mix.

Read on below to know how to preserve and dry those beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers and use them to get creative.

Preserving Flowers-Air dry them: Get hold of all those beautiful fresh roses and tie them with an elastic rubber band from the stems securely. Now, hang the roses in a normal room temperature area, preferably that is dry and well-ventilated and has plenty of sunlight coming in. Check up on the roses on daily basis and do away with worn-out pieces. Let the sun dry them out in two weeks or more. If the leaf or stem of the stem is not folding anymore and crumbles in your hands, this is an indication that the flowers are ready for preservation. (SC Tip: Use those flowers to make beautiful frames)


Using microwave to dry Flowers:Want a rather quick and safe method to ensure long-lasting preservation? Go ahead and use a microwave. Take a deep bowl, pour a handful of rose petals in them and cover them in water fully. Make sure that roses are completely immersed in water. Microwave the roses on high heat for 3-4 minutes. Now remove the roses from the bowl and pat dry them using a dry cotton cloth. Keep them under the sun overnight and your dry roses would be ready for a fun and crafty DIY. (SC tip- Try making fun customized cards or put them in a bowl for décor purposes)

Use a flower press: A flower press is a traditional method of pressing flowers, petals and leaves flat, drying them in the process. This method is only good for when you want flat flowers for artwork or scrapbooking. (SC Tip: A fun bookmark)


Add rose petals to your favorite drink. Make a fun rose cocktail for your guests, a rose punch, or indulge yourself in some refreshing rosewater.





Store dried rose petals in coffee cans, tins, or glass jars. The dried flower petals can be stored this way for extended periods. Make sure the storage containers seal tightly to prevent insects from entering and eating the petals. Do not store them in direct sunlight. Use these petals for fun and pretty DIY’s.


So what are you going to do with all those flowers this year?