How to: Repeat outfits like a Pro!

Rinse, wear and repeat – from the royal likes of Kate Middleton, to America’s first lady, Michelle Obama, everyone recycles outfits! The only difference is we repeat them the same way we were seen wearing them a week ago and these seasoned style mavens look different each time.  Fret not! We have some Pro tips to help you wear that outfit repeater felony with pride.

Sit back, and pay attention, our math class is about to commence!

Addition – Your favourite piece + layer or accessorize


You love that dress – it’s comfortable, hides your flaws and it’s just perfect for those sweltering summers, but, you repeat it too often. Nothing wrong with that! If there’s anything that The Duchess of Cambridge has taught us, is to recycle outfits effortlessly.


Seen here, Kate has worn the same dress twice, and only changed up her shoes and added a layer.


Add a layer – a sheer jacket or button down and knot it at the centre. We think the combination of a denim jacket with a floral dress is absolutely chic yet lethal! This could work for those comfy pair of boyfriend jeans you love to live in as well.

Accessorize – wear a statement neckpiece or add a belt and cinch your waist in different styles à la Olivia Palermo!



We strongly advice investing in a number of skinny belts in different colours.

Divide – Separate your favourite combination   


Boyfriend jeans and a tank top – boy, do you love that combination or what? We love it too!

Switch it up with different pairings! A button down, a feminine blouse, a graphic tee, there are so many options.

Leave that comfy tank top behind and opt for a peplum top with a pair of platforms in a pop of colour!

If you are a ‘Repeat offender’, chances are you’re wearing the same shoes and bag with it too – switch those up as well, wear it with printed plimsolls or glam-it-up with a pair of pumps and a power blazer to go with.

Dainty feminine details + boyfriend jeans = super chic!
Boyfriend jeans with a punk-chic vibe

Don’t forget to switch up the bags depending on whether you’re looking sporty or chic with a backpack or tote.

Multiply – 1 piece x 3 ways


Whether a jaw-dropping neckpiece or a gorgeous draped collar jacket or a floral midi – statement pieces you love always have potential to look different each time you repeat it. The trick is to pair it with different, subtle elements and switch up the accessories each time you do so.

Boyfriend blazer with relaxed-sporty pairings
Boyfriend blazer with feminine pairings

Little things always help! From wearing your hair differently to changing the colour of your lipstick or throwing on a pair of eyeglasses helps throw off the last visual of the same outfit.

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