How to rock flared jeans

In a city full of women that have made skinny denims a part of their regular, repetitive staples, come what weather – there’s no better a time than now to stand out and opt for a slightly different silhouette. No need to shy away from them, they aren’t the same dated ‘70s trousers you’d otherwise frown upon, they are slimming and extremely flattering, when chosen right – let’s give the flares a warm welcome into our denim closet!


We don’t issue fashion commandments very often, but, we’ve got one for you today. The directions are simple: please take your jeggings out of heavy rotation and give the distressed denim in your closet a much needed raincheck. For summer, instead of going for those familiar favourites, you need to find the perfect pair of ’70s-inspired jeans. Whether it’s a full-on flare or a wide-leg style, just make sure you look for two things: a mid or high-waisted silhouette and a clean, understated wash.

That 70’s show


Chances are your closet is well furnished with plenty of classic jeans – it’s the wardrobe gift that keeps on giving! But, how about a pair with a little more flair and flare? Make the right choice by trying on several styles before you dive into this trend – high waisted and streamlined is the way to go.



Column shaped women, this is the silhouette that’s going to offer you the curves you’ve always craved. Have we mentioned how super airy they are unlike their skinnier counterparts?

Sport them in true ‘70s fashion with a peasant blouse that has billowy sleeves, don’t forget to accessorize with a turquoise pendant and straw wedges – the result is ultra chic and feminine!

Post-modern flare


Get groovy with this trend but give it your own neo-traditional twist! Surely enough, your wardrobe is crowded with a bunch of crop tops, why not pair them with these flares? The key is to be wary of the silhouette you choose, do not go for similar styles like a peplum or anything with a slight flare on the top, else you’ll simply end up looking like a fashion disaster.



Opt for structural pieces or a snug fit crop top. Lollipop-shapes, this pairing could be your calling for an ultimate style update.

Get preppy with it!


Flares could be the ultimate style departure from your typical picks, feel free to team them with your usual tomboyish and preppy choices. The jeans have enough standout appeal to give you a fresh update.



Reach for a gingham button-down shirt, tucked only at the front to show off the high waist of the jean. Don’t forget to add a rose gold watch and a pair of super comfy platforms.


This leg-lengthening, super feminine shape is just what your closet needs to put a little pizzazz back in your stride!

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